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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Prevent Uninvited Guests This Holiday!

Fall ClockThe upcoming holiday season is fast approaching and our family would like to help you make them more enjoyable by eliminating unwanted pests and reducing stress!  You may be preparing holiday meals that call for fresh, organic ingredients which may also contain uninvited “guests” that need to be addressed before family arrives.  Stored product pests such as Indian meal moths, grain and flour beetles, ants, and mice are common party crashers that can be eliminated with a little advance notice and a sharp eye from your Arrow Service Professional.

In some cases, traveling family members and friends may unknowingly transport “pest hitchhikers” in their luggage that could pose an issue. If you have noticed anything suspicious or have any concerns about the items purchased or the containers they were transported in, contact us so we may come to your home to perform a thorough inspection. Many times, these types of pests require some additional time and in some cases, repeated efforts to eliminate the problem. Let us handle that while you relax and enjoy the fellowship the holidays bring.  From our family to yours, have a happy holiday!

Tips to reduce/eliminate stored product holiday pests:
•    Schedule your routine pest control service soon to avoid last minute rush
•    Leave cardboard boxes from Farmer’s markets or Organic food stores outside- transfer items to sealable containers before bringing them inside
•    Replace old expired grain or flour products and inspect the new box for any damage/chewing prior to bringing in home
•    Remove dried flowers, potpourri, old spices, cereals, and even chocolate and replace with new (inspect before storing)
•    Carefully inspect pet food containers before purchase- transfer to sealable container before storing
•    Use a bay leaf in dry items as the herb’s pungent aroma may deter pests
•    Replace shelf liners as these may contain spills, crumbs, etc. that pests may be attracted to
•    Clean and sanitize your trash bin and surrounding area to minimize food sources for unwanted pests
•    Vacuum the bottom of your pantry area and/or shelves to remove food sources for pests