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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Scorpions "The Unwelcome House Guest" of the Southwest

Shay Runion VP of Profesional Development

School's out, family vacations are booked and you don't have a care in the world - unless, of course, you reside in the Southwest. Although the hot, sunny days of summer are great for swimming and barbeques, warm nights create the perfect environment for the stealth stinger of the Southwest to emerge - the scorpion.

Nocturnal creatures, scorpions thrive in dark spaces and hot temperatures. The bright summer sun, however, doesn't stop this pest. During the day, scorpions hide in cool, moist areas - under rocks, tree bark, doormats, patio furniture and trash piles. If they've found a way into your home, you'll most often find them lurking in your garage, underneath furniture and inside of shoes.

To prevent these dangerous pests from encroaching on your summer fun, we recommend taking some precautionary measures:

• Seal gaps and openings between walls and doors;
• Store firewood outside, stacked away from the house;
• Keep grass closely mowed and eliminate standing water;
• Keep tree branches and plants away from the house; and
• Store garbage in sealed containers or on frames that allow bins to stand above the ground.

It's important to remember that scorpion stings can be life-threatening … If found inside the home, a licensed pest professional should be contacted immediately. Using black light extraction, pest professionals can determine primary scorpion harborage areas as the scorpions will glow under the specialized light, making it easier to assess the infestation and rid the property of any danger.

This summer, the last thing you want to worry about is a vicious, unwelcomed visitor (and we're not talking about your relatives). Follow these steps and you'll be back to planning your annual pool party in no time!