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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Top 5 Summer Stingers

Cindy Mannes, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer

It's summer - the season of backyard barbeques, days by the pool and fun in the sun!  Unfortunately, while enjoying our outdoor summertime we often have to combat pests. It's no fun swatting away bugs and diving for cover and stinging insects send more than half a million people to the emergency room each year!  To help protect your family, we have put together a list of the top 5 summer stingers and some prevention steps you can take.

1. Wasps - Definitely the most aggressive of the summer stingers, these pests should be given a wide berth as they have been known to attack humans for no apparent reason.

2. Yellow Jackets - These stingers are also very social in nature and a fully developed nest can contain thousands of adult yellow jackets.  They typically build their nests in the ground, but can also be found in dark attics and basements.  They will vigorously pursue any intruder if their nest is disturbed.

3. Fire Ants - Many think Red Imported Fire Ants bite, but it is actually their sting that causes a reaction.  Avoid their signature telltale mounds as they will attack in large numbers and sting multiple times if their nest is disturbed.

4. Mosquitoes - Summer's most notorious stinger, mosquitoes leave behind painful itch welts and can also transmit diseases like West Nile Virus and Encephalitis.

5. Hornets - Like our other summer stingers, hornets are social insects and present a significant threat because they will attack in large numbers if they perceive their nest is danger.

Completely ridding the outdoors of these pests is improbable, so in addition to being aware of the biggest offenders, we want you to have some tips to help keep them at bay. When enjoying time outdoors, be sure to:

  • Serve all drinks in covered pitchers and keep sweets in tightly sealed containers
  • Make sure all outdoor trash cans have a secure lid
  • Wear mosquito repellant containing DEET.
  • Remove all sources of standing water around your home including children's wading pools, birdbaths and flowerpots
  • Cut back unnecessary vegetation around your home
  • If you spot a nest, call a professional for proper removal.

We hope you enjoy a fun-filled and sting-free summer!