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Monday, July 26, 2010

Whose Yard Is It Anyway?

Shay Runion

If you are like any of the many employees that work here at Arrow Exterminators, your backyard is your private sanctuary. It's a place where you can kick back and relax and enjoy the fantastic summer weather. Nothing beats grilling burgers and hot dogs while family and friends play games in the yard or take a dip in the pool.

Unfortunately, your family and friends aren't the only ones having fun in your backyard … Mid-to-late summer is when the fearsome four - fire ants, mosquitoes, wasps and yellowjackets - are most active, crashing parties and killing good moods at barbeques pretty much everywhere.

To prevent fire ants, wasps, yellowjackets and mosquitoes from invading your outdoor haven, we recommend learning about these pests and taking preventative measures against them:

  • Red Imported Fire Ants: These pests are known for the painful sting you will receive if you disturb them. Look for fire ants in large dirt mounds built in landscaped areas or near the foundation of a home. There is no easy way to get rid of fire ants, so contact Arrow immediately if these pests are found on your property.
  • Mosquitoes: Summer's most "famous" pest - the mosquito - is known for the irritating, itchy bumps they leave behind after attacking their victims. Mosquitoes can travel up to 14 miles for a meal and are most attracted to stagnant water. Avoid being outdoors during dawn and dusk - this is when mosquitoes are most active.
  • Wasps: Have you ever been outdoors and it felt like a bee was coming after you? Chances are that you were probably being attacked by a wasp. Wasps are the most aggressive of the summer insects and do not need to be provoked to show their hostility. Wasp nests are commonly found near roofs and in plants … if found on your property, call Arrow immediately.
  • Yellowjackets: Yellowjackets are another common summer pest. Their nests are commonly found in the ground, attics or basements. Yellowjackets feed on protein and sweets, so food left outdoors during a barbeque is a yellowjackets' buffet. Be sure to seal all food in containers and make sure your trash cans have secure lids.

Stinging insects send more than half a million people to the emergency room every year. We hope that these tips will keep you and your family safe from the fearsome four, and will help you reclaim back your outdoor living space