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Also known as the shadfly, dayfly, and lakefly, mayflies are an ever-present summer pest. Despite their name, they’re not a fly species, as they have two pairs of wings that they hold together above their bodies when resting. In fact, they’re closely related to dragonflies.

Color Dark gray or brown bodies with yellow, gray, or clear wings
Legs 6
Size Length of .6 cm-2.8 cm (0.25-1.1 inch)
Antennae True

What Do Mayflies Eat?

Adult mayflies don’t have mouthparts for feeding, due to the fact they spend all their energy on mating. Therefore, adults don’t eat. Larvae eat organic residue called detritus and other plant material in the bodies of water they inhabit.

Where Do Mayflies Live?

Mayflies are primarily an aquatic species, spending most of their lives developing in freshwater lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams. Though they’re no one’s favorite pest, their presence is a sign of a healthy water ecosystem, as they require clean water to survive.

How To Get Rid of Mayflies

Use a hand vacuum to capture and remove mayflies and a broom and dustpan to clean up the deceased. Because these bugs are attracted to light, you can prevent mayflies by replacing mercury vapor lamps with high-pressure sodium vapor lamps and white incandescent fluorescent bulbs with yellow bulbs. Make sure to keep your window screens intact and sealed and your property free of standing water.

If your mayfly infestation continues, call us today for a professional pest control plan.

How Long Do Mayflies Live?

Adult mayflies live only for a day or two. Because their sole purpose is to mate, they only live long enough to accomplish that goal. However, mayfly larvae, called nymphs, can live in bodies of water for up to a year. This puts the total lifespan of a mayfly between a couple days to a full year.

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