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Chinch Bugs

Blissus leucopterus

Is your lawn brown and dry no matter how much you water it? You may have a chinch bug infestation.

Chinch Bugs
Color Black with white wings
Legs 6
Size ⅕ inch
Antennae True

What Do Chinch Bugs Look Like?

Chinch bugs are extremely small, with adults only reaching ⅕ an inch long. Juveniles are even smaller and appear red, while adults are black with white wings. Even though they can fly, chinch bugs tend to jump or crawl.

What Do Chinch Bugs Eat?

Turf grasses are a chinch bug’s favorite meal. They prefer St. Augustine grass the most, which is also the most easily damaged from the bugs feeding on it. Chinch bugs are found in dry areas and are most prevalent in the warmest months of the year. They also tend to feed on the driest parts of grass, causing even more damage.

Are Chinch Bugs Harmful?

Because they don’t bite or carry diseases, chinch bugs only pose a threat to your lawn. While they won’t harm humans or pets, they will slowly kill grass as they feed on it. Chinch bugs do not go away on their own and often require professional pest treatment for large infestations.

How To Get Rid of Chinch Bugs

Using turf-based pesticides is the most effective way to remove chinch bugs. Diatomaceous earth is a natural option that dehydrates and kills bugs that come in contact with it. The best way to prevent these pests is by making sure your grass is properly watered in the summer months.

If you find yourself with a chinch bug infestation, call us for a quick and efficient removal.

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