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Kudzu Bug

Megacopta cribaria

Despite their beetle-like appearance, kudzu bugs fall firmly into the bug family and are surprisingly strong fliers.

Kudzu Bug
Color Olive Green
Legs 6
Size 4 to 6mm (1/6 in - 1/4 in)
Antennae True

Where Do Kudzu Bugs Live?

Like their namesake, kudzu bugs are an invasive species from Asia, first discovered in the United States in 2009, residing primarily in the southeastern states. They reproduce in legume plants, like soybeans and other bean species, and can be found in most vegetation, which can cause extreme damage to local crops.

What Attracts Kudzu Bugs?

Kudzu bugs are attracted to light-colored surfaces, like the white siding of a house or white cars. Once temperatures drop, they’ll enter homes searching for warmer shelter.

Do Kudzu Bugs Bite?

While these bugs don’t bite, their bodily secretions can irritate your skin. This irritation is often mistaken for a bite and can cause a range of reactions, from mild irritation to hives. 

Kudzu Bugs vs. Stink Bugs

Both kudzu and stink bugs are in the family of true bugs and emit a foul-smelling odor when crushed. However, kudzu bugs are more rounded, whereas stink bugs resemble a shield. A kudzu bug’s diet of legumes makes them more harmful to vegetation than stink bugs. 

How to Get Rid of Kudzu Bugs

To remove kudzu bugs, use a hand vacuum to get the bugs out of your house. This avoids crushing them and releasing their pungent odor. Seal off any entry points to prevent the bugs from entering your home, and keep your yard maintained to reduce hiding spots. Insecticides work against kudzu bugs, but most contain synthetic pyrethroid, killing the bugs.

If you find yourself with a kudzu bug infestation, call us for a quick and efficient removal

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