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Are your plants growing slowly? Do they have a waxy substance on them? Then you may have mealybugs. Here’s how to identify and treat these pests.

Color White, pink, or yellowish
Legs 6
Size 1/4 inch
Antennae True

What Do Mealybugs Look Like?

Mealybugs are white, pink, or yellowish unarmored scale insects. In a group, they look like fuzzy white cotton masses stuck to a plant.

Where Do Mealybugs Come From?

Often found in warmer climates, mealybugs are drawn to plants with high nitrogen levels and soft growth. This includes tropical plants, house plants, and greenhouse plants. Due to their limited mobility, the only way they can spread between plants is if the plants are touching.

Are Mealybugs Harmful?

Mealybugs are not harmful to humans. However, they can be harmful to plants because they feed on sap. This leads to yellowing leaves, slower growth, and in extreme cases, death of the plant.

How to Get Rid of Mealybugs

f a plant is heavily infested with mealybugs, the best course of action is to throw the plant away before the bugs can spread to another plant. Smaller infestations can be dealt with by separating the plant so the mealybugs stay contained. To get the mealybugs off your plant, remove them with a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol. Then, spray the infected plant with a mixture of dish soap, rubbing alcohol, and water. Putting neem oil on plants will also deter mealybugs from getting on them. The best way to prevent mealybugs from contaminating your greenery is to carefully inspect a new plant before putting it near others. 

If you find yourself with mealybugs infesting your plants, call us for a quick and efficient removal


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