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There are over 10,000 species of millipedes worldwide, and 1,400 of them can be found in North America. With so much variety, you can find many different types of these insects around your home. While some millipedes can grow up to a foot long, the most common ones in the U.S. only reach a few inches.

Color Black or brown
Legs Around 300
Size 1 to 12 inches
Antennae True

How Many Legs Do Millipedes Have?

Millipedes have many body segments, and each one has four sets of legs. While most people believe millipedes have 1,000 legs, they usually only have about 300. However, a new species was recently discovered with 1,306 legs!

Are Millipedes Dangerous to Humans?

Millipedes aren’t venomous and don’t have enough poison in them to harm humans or pets. However, they can produce an irritating, pungent fluid from glands on the side of their body. This fluid may cause irritation in people who are extra sensitive, but thankfully, it doesn’t have any long-lasting effects.

Why Do Millipedes Get in Homes?

When outside conditions become too extreme, millipedes will move indoors. They are attracted to damp and dark places such as garages or basements.

How to Get Rid of Millipedes

The best way to get rid of millipedes is to prevent areas of moisture from building up. You can also use natural oils like tree oil or peppermint to deter them. Making sure entry points along your home’s foundation are sealed will also help keep them out. 
If you find yourself with a millipede infestation, call us for a quick and efficient removal.

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