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Plaster Bagworms

Phereoeca uterella

Also known as casebearers, plaster bagworms are found in humid areas and are especially prevalent in Florida and Georgia.

Plaster Bagworms
Color Brown or gray
Legs 6
Size 1/3 inch
Antennae False

What Are Plaster Bagworms?

Plaster bagworms are a type of larvae that turn into a moth. They are called bagworms due to the casings they create to protect themselves. Bagworms tend to be found in dark, damp places like attics, basements, bathrooms, and closets. Their casings are usually found on plaster walls and ceilings.

What Do Plaster Bagworms Eat?

Because they hide in dark places like attics, bagworms feed on lint, dust, and spiderwebs. They also like to feed on fabrics made of natural fibers, such as wool, putting clothes at risk of becoming a meal. Bagworms will also use these materials to build their protective casings. 

Are Plaster Bagworms Harmful?

These bugs pose no threat to humans or pets, but they can damage fabric items. Bagworms are much more damaging in the larvae stage, as they make their casing from different materials in your home.

How to Get Rid of Plaster Bagworms

Fill any openings in windows and screens and turn off outdoor lights to prevent the adult moth from getting into your home. Cleaning and vacuuming out dust and cobwebs in areas where bagworms are attracted can eliminate food sources. Store fabric items in low-humidity areas like closets or use a dehumidifier.

If you find yourself with a plaster bagworm infestation, call us for a quick and efficient removal.

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