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Deer Mice

Peromyscus maniculatus

Also known as the white-footed mouse, deer mice are the most abundant and widely distributed mammal in North America, getting their name from their great leaping and running skills. But watch out — they’re a common carrier of hantavirus, which can be transmitted to humans and cause flu-like symptoms that could lead to more significant health problems.

Deer Mice
Color Grayish-brown
Legs 4
Size 4 to 8 inches
Antennae False

What Do Deer Mice Look Like?

Deer mice have gray to reddish-brown fur with a rounded body and long tail. They have large eyes and leaf-like ears. 

How Long Do Deer Mice Live?

On average, deer mice live anywhere between 6-24 months, but can live up to eight years in captivity.

What Do Deer Mice Eat?

They primarily eat grains but also fruits, invertebrates, and small amounts of green vegetation. If you have a deer mice infestation, it can lead to the contamination of goods stored in your pantry.

Where Are Deer Mice Found?

Deer mice are across almost all of North America, making their homes primarily in woodland areas. You can find concentrated populations in farming communities with heavy amounts of stored grain.

How To Get Rid of Deer Mice?

Common removal methods for deer mice are snap and glue traps and rodent bait. To prevent deer mice, close any entry points with rodent-proofing material, maintain your lawn and plants, and keep your food tightly sealed. 

If your deer mice infestation continues, call Arrow Exterminators for a professional wildlife control plan.

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