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These non-venomous snakes are common throughout North America. Although they’re not poisonous, kingsnakes are still quite intimidating, as they earned their name from their habit of eating other snakes.

Color Vibrant stripes or bands, usually in red, black, and yellow
Size Length of 36 to 60 inches, weight of approximately 0.9-3.3 lbs.
Antennae False

What Do Kingsnakes Look Like?

Kingsnakes are typically vibrant, with contrasting colors and patterns. Some species are commonly mistaken for the venomous coral snake, due to similar coloring. Kingsnakes have smooth scales, a single anal plate, round pupils, and a spoon-shaped head with a rounded jaw. 

What Do Kingsnakes Eat?

Kingsnakes are active hunters and use their sense of smell to find their next meal, mainly targeting rodents, birds, bird eggs, and lizards. In wet climates, they’ll eat turtle eggs and frogs. Kingsnakes are also famously known for eating other snakes. As constrictors, kingsnakes squeeze their prey to death before swallowing it whole.

Where Do Kingsnakes Live?

Kingsnakes are found throughout North America, making their homes in grasslands, suburbia, and rocky areas in fields and deserts. Kingsnakes are terrestrial, meaning they reside primarily on land rather than venturing into water or trees. However, in wetter areas, such as the eastern and southern United States, they’ll spend more time in swamps and riverbanks.

How Long Do Kingsnakes Live?

Though the lifespan of kingsnakes in the wild is unknown, they can live up to 20 to 30 years in captivity and reach sexual maturity between two and four years of age. In the spring, females lay clutches of three to 24 eggs in debris, rotting logs, or other secluded places. The mothers then leave the eggs, hatching on their own two to three months later. 

How To Get Rid Of Kingsnakes

If you find a kingsnake in your home, relocate it far away from residential areas, and seal up any openings or cracks in your walls and windows where it could slither back in. 

If you encounter many of these snakes, keep your lawn and bushes trimmed, and keep debris out of your yard. Use snake repellent, build a snake fence, or call Arrow Exterminators for professional snake control and removal. 

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