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Garden Spiders

Argiope aurantia

Also known as the writing spider or zipper spider, the garden spider is a harmless, nonpoisonous spider. They are easy to spot due to their yellow abdomen, the females being brighter in color than the males with vivid, symmetrical patches. Their two claws on each foot allow them to spin a circular, intricate web.

Garden Spiders
Color Black and yellow
Legs 8
Size Length of 19 to 28 mm (0.75 to 1.1 inches)
Antennae False

What Do Garden Spiders Eat?

After catching flying insects like bees and flies in their webs, they paralyze their prey by injecting them with venom before eating. This venom is harmless to humans.

How Long Do Garden Spiders Live?

On average, the garden spider lifespan is one year, dying if there is a frost or the weather gets too cold. If residing in a warmer climate, it is possible for these spiders to live for up to three years.

How To Get Rid of Garden Spiders

If you want to get rid of garden spiders naturally, you can sprinkle cinnamon or plant onions in the areas where they live outside, as they hate the smell. Treating with insecticide both outside and inside your home can also help prevent garden spiders from moving in.

If your garden spider infestation continues, contact Arrow Exterminators for a professional pest control plan.

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