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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Arrow Exterminators Launches "Healthy, Wealthy and Wise" Wellness Program

Program focuses on physical, financial and professional wellness

Arrow Exterminators is pleased to announce the launch of their new "wellness" program titled "Healthy, Wealthy and Wise".  Not your typical wellness program focused just on health, but also on financial and professional wellness.

"We are passionate about our employees," stated Emily Thomas Kendrick, president and CEO.  "We wanted to provide them with easy tools to help them reach their physical, financial and professional goals.  It's our view that positive people equal positive results.  We've structured the program so employees can earn points and prizes."

Melissa Shew, Director of HR and Benefits, went on to describe some of the elements of the program.   "In the "Wellness" category employees can earn points for everything from moderate daily exercise to submitting recipes to Arrow's healthy cookbook.  In the "Wealthy" category employees can earn points from joining the 401K plan to taking Arrow sponsored online courses on finances.  Finally in the "Wise" category employees can earn points from volunteering in their community to bringing their lunch to work."

Shew went on to say, "we wanted to make this program accessible to all employees.  By broadening the wellness approach this has become a truly inclusive program."

"This is currently a pilot program," explained Tim Pollard, Chief Operating Officer.  "After only one week, we had over 40% employee registration and participation. We will assess the value and tweak it where necessary as we move forward."