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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Arrow Exterminators Lists the Top Pest Concerns for 2020

Arrow Exterminators Reveals that Ants, Termites, Mosquitoes, Roaches, and Rodents Could be Problematic for Homeowners in 2020

Pests have long been a threat to the quality of life we all enjoy.  Their ability to transmit disease, spread bacteria and cause significant damage to property presents a real challenge for families and homeowners. “If keeping pests away from you and your family is a priority for you, prevention is the best course of action,” says Scot Hodges, Arrow pest expert. “There are plenty of prevention tips and strategies that can keep pests away from your home, but when problems do arise, you can rely on Arrow’s expertise in pest control to protect your home and family.”

To help prepare homeowners for 2020, Arrow Exterminators has prepared a list of the top five pests most likely to cause problems this year.

1. Ants: They may not be the biggest bugs invading homes, but they sure are a nuisance and one of the most difficult to eliminate. There are 700 species in the United States alone, which can make devising a single treatment difficult. There’s no foolproof way to barricade your home against ants, but you can improve your chances with some basic household cleaning. Try to sweep crumbs from countertops, clean spills immediately, and keep trees and bushes trimmed back for your home. But if you do spot ants, call for professional assistance to prevent a small problem from turning into a major infestation.

2. Termites: Termites are a significant property threat in our area.  Experts agree, it’s not about if a home will encounter termites, but when.  These insatiable eaters cause nearly $5 billion in property damage annually and the damage is rarely covered by homeowner’s insurance.  “Termite infestations continue to create huge financial issues for homeowners,” said Hodges. “To protect their property, homeowners should eliminate moisture around the foundation and have their homes inspected annually by a licensed pest professional. “

3. Mosquitoes: Mosquitoes are a constant battle for homeowners in our area. While they are most known for the red, itchy welts they leave behind they are sometimes more than just annoyances. These insects can transmit diseases such as West Nile virus, chikungunya, encephalitis, and the infamous Zika virus. To reduce your chances of mosquito bites, remove all sources of standing water from around your home, and cut back any unnecessary vegetation.

4. Roaches: Roaches are a concern nationwide, especially in the South, where large and particularly grotesque specimens tend to appear in droves. What’s worse, they carry up to 33 kinds of bacteria and can trigger asthma attacks in children. They prefer warm, moist environments with available food sources, so pay special attention to kitchens and bathrooms (especially under appliances and sinks).

5. Rodents: Our temperate climate provides an abundant food source and the perfect breeding conditions for many types of rodents.  These household intruders can transmit diseases, spread bacteria, cause real damage inside a home and often bring with them other pests like fleas, ticks and mites.  They also reproduce very quickly making them nearly impossible to control without the help of a professional.  They only need the tiniest of openings to gain access to a home, so ensure all cracks are sealed around the exterior including utility entry points.

Regional and lifestyle differences can affect people’s pest concerns, but the critters mentioned above are problematic across the country, and some (like termites) can cause thousands of dollars in property damage. That’s why Arrow is stepping in to educate Americans about how they can deter these uninvited visitors in 2020. Preparing for issues – and knowing who to call if they become unmanageable – can ease concerns.