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Thursday, February 3, 2022

Arrow Exterminators Reflects in Memory and Celebration of John Wright

Vice President of Sales John Randolph Wright: June 30th, 1955 to January 28th, 2022

Photo via:  Nathalia Frykman Photo + Video

Atlanta-based Arrow Exterminators reflects in memory of the passing of their Vice President of Sales, John Wright. John was born in Atlanta, Georgia and attended Dekalb College, where he majored in business. In June of 1973, John began his long and undeniably impactful career at Arrow Exterminators. John’s love, passion, and leadership were known to everyone at Arrow, and he aided in many strategic initiatives for the company.  John was a well-respected leader and friend to many in the pest control industry, and he truly loved the 49 years he spent working alongside his Arrow family.

“John and the Wright family helped build Arrow Exterminators from the ground up,” said Emily Thomas Kendrick, Arrow’s Chief Executive Officer. “In 1964 my grandparents, Starkey and Imogene Thomas started Arrow, and a few years later, Butsy Wright, John’s father who had worked with Starkey at Orkin, made the leap of faith over to Arrow.  Butsy was a superstar salesman for Arrow and mentor to my dad. If that wasn’t enough, Butsy and his wife Avon produced an amazing 2nd, 3rd, and now 4th generation of Wrights who have made, and will continue to make, their own special marks on our company.  Arrow wouldn’t be where we are today without the love, support, and hard work of the Wright Family.”

John was one of the best salespeople in the industry, and because of his natural leadership abilities, his career progressed from sales management into the role of Vice President of Sales. Arrow team members describe John as a friend, father figure, brother, mentor, and so much more.  Aside from his professional life, John was a dedicated family man. When he was not fishing or hunting, he loved spending time with his family, including his wife and high school sweetheart of 46 years, Mary Lynn, his two children, Heidi and Jimbo, as well as his grandchildren Emma, Wyatt, Langston, and Porter.

Kendrick continued, “Where do you even start when it comes to a man who was the full package in all areas of life? Whether he was a rock star in his family and personal life or a rock star in his professional life, John had a real gift with people from all walks of life. He was a natural in sales and in life because of his love for people. He loved to help and provide solutions to whatever situation his family, friends, or colleagues might be in. It was a pleasure and joy to know this outstanding man.”