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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Heavy Rain Means More Fleas and Ticks

If recent summers are any indication, it will be "raining cats and dogs" in our area soon and this means bad news for our local cats and dogs. Despite what you might think, fleas, ticks and rain often come hand in hand. All that wet weather combined with normal heat and humidity equals the perfect conditions for a surge in flea and tick infestations this summer. These insects reproduce very quickly and not only pose a serious health risk to your pets but to your family as well. That is why it is important to be mindful of flea and tick protection for your family and pets. To help you protect all your loved ones this summer, we have put together a list of five steps you can take. 

Flea & Tick Prevention Tips

1. Keep your outdoor play areas and lawns clear.
Clear brush, grass clippings, woodpiles and leaf debris from your lawn. These are ideal havens for mice and rats which are renowned carriers of fleas and ticks.

2. Bathe your pets and visit a vet often.
Make sure that you are bathing and grooming your pets often and visiting a veterinarian for professional flea and tick treatments. Also, be sure to inspect them regularly, especially the front shoulders, back and ears.

3. Vacuum frequently.
Vacuuming will help remove fleas and prevent them from laying eggs. Get rid of the vacuum bag immediately after you finish because fleas are professional escape artists!

4. Dress properly when outside.
When you are outside, especially when in areas where ticks are common, be sure to dress properly. Wear long-sleeved shirts and pants and if possible, wear light-colored clothing so ticks are easier to spot. Also, use a tick repellant containing DEET or Permethrin and before you head back inside, inspect your clothing and skin thoroughly for ticks, especially on your head and behind your ears.

5. Contact a professional.
If you suspect you have a flea or tick infestation, you should contact a licensed pest professional immediately. Arrow Exterminators offers a Free Whole Home Evaluation to help you determine if you have a flea or tick infestation.

We hope these tips help you, your family and your pets stay flea and tick free this upcoming summer! For more information about fleas and ticks and help identifying them, check out our learning center resources on fleas and ticks.